Makin’ Moves

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“Quite the great life, so nice and easy…”

Anyone out there ever pay attention to the NBA or the NFL? Or any sport for that matter? As much as I love hooping and watching my Cowboys (save the boos) and Packers battle it out against other teams, one thing just triggers anger inside of me. Believe it or not, I just can’t stand it when I see players like Darrelle Revis and Albert Haynesworth hold out of training camps just because they want more money in their pockets. Revis has held out for about 25 days from his team! Are you even a teammate anymore? If I was head coach, I don’t care how many receivers you can shut down, I’m telling you to get off the team, because you’re immature and you don’t understand the concept of a team. If you are already going to get tens of millions of dollars just for doing something that you are extremely talented at, why not accept the money? Where is the love for the game?

People who love the game and cherish competition wouldn’t switch teams after such a long road in hopes of plowing over everybody and to earn more money *cough*LeBron*cough*. Sorry about that, but he isn’t the only one. If you really look into sports, there are so many people who are just given talents and happen to be discovered. It’s really not fair. People who love the game should be happy to play the game for free, because they already love what they are doing. They should be ecstatic to be getting paid any money to play.¬†As it may appear, Brett Favre acts like one of these people who is just in search for a championship, but I believe he is a true person to football. This guy is going on 40 years old, and throwing touchdown passes while grey hairs grow on his head! He can’t bring himself to retire for the sole reason of that’s all he wants to do.

Hold on, hold on, isn’t there a recession going on? Shouldn’t we just go to Alex Rodriguez’s house, sell it (BTW, this isn’t a serious idea, I’m just saying…), and put that money into some green project to help our environment? Nahh, lets just give him a new contract for $10 to $20 million dollars more. Take this, for example. Whenever you see someone win the lottery, they are absolutely ecstatic. They’re jumping for joy without a care in the world. Alex Rodriguez wins the lottery every two or three years with his paychecks. And he is just playing baseball! Who keeps the world going round? Engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers… TEACHERS. A benchwarmer on the Lakers, in one year, probably makes the equivalent of 10-15 years of teaching for the average school. That’s ridiculous. We need education in this world, but we aren’t encouraging it at all. You could be dumb as rocks and just get by in high school and if you’re in the high 6 feet area, with a couple moves or two, you already got colleges drooling over you.

All those lessons of teamwork and brotherhood you learned on the high school football team is dumped after college. Then, its all about who will give me the most money and how far can I push them? This is one thing about this world that just doesn’t make sense in my head. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not stepping down from this opinion because this is downright crazy.

Browsing for a Browser

If you are reading this, then you must be somewhat fond of the internet. You must also be on some type of browser at the moment, too, whether it be Firefox or IE or any of the other several browsers that are out there. Lately, I’ve been trying to find the right fit for me. I stuck with Firefox for a while, then I had the desire for something a little more clean-cut and neat so I decided to try out Safari for a little while. Regardless of what browser one uses, there’s a lot that can be said (stay with me).

I’ll start off with the Internet Explorer (IE) users. We all know those computers that come off as quite slow and not quite up to date. These browsers are quite sloppy and it is usually what everybody starts out using. Pop Ups show themselves often and can get quite annoying. Long story short: they have too much going on at once and you usually don’t want to get involved, unless you’re just looking for a quick download or two.

Moving on, you have the Google Chrome type. Not much that I can say about this type, except that these people are usually trying different things and open to experiment. Definitely a better path to go than the IEs, but you never know what you’re going to get.

Next up is the largest category, in my opinion, and that is the Firefox browsers. These browsers are typically open to change. You can adjust your browser so you have the additional stuff you want, or the look you want. Basically, you will usually find a good fit for your needs and wants in this category. As a prior Firefox user, I can say it is a good experience to start out with, but after a while, things get repetitive and you start wanting something different.

That’s the reason I made the switch to Safari. The Safari browsers are real clean and basically everything is available to you. You won’t find out something one day that was hidden from you, for instance. You really know what to expect. If you keep at Safari for a while, you get real comfortable with it and vice versa. This allows you to start exploring and experimenting with new add-ons or updates, if you will.

What browser are you using at the moment? What’s that saying about you? If you are one of those that keeps shuffling through and experimenting with new browsers, the constant installing and uninstalling of the browsers into your computer must get annoying. Browsers are really complex things, but usually if you try hard enough, you will understand them inside and out.

If you decided to stick with me until the end of the post, perhaps you noticed something; maybe a trend. I know there are a couple readers who are intelligent enough to detect the metaphor I stuck into this post. Congrats if you were able to figure it out.

Angry Mic

As you can see, lately everyone has been putting out an underground rapper that has the potential to be something great. I thought I would continue with the trend. I have mentioned Angry Mic before, but only briefly among other artists, so you probably didn’t really notice him.

What I like most about this guy is his flow and his vocabulary. When you combine the two, it creates eargasmic verses. He released a mixtape a while back Intervention. I downloaded it and that was how I discovered his talent. I believe that this guy could have been something great if he was given the chance.

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“I know that you don’t like me ’cause I say dude and bro…”

As I mentioned before, the Dirty Heads have really grown on me lately. They bring a mix of hip hop, ska, and even reggae all into one genre. Another thing that never ceases to amaze me is how they have such raw talent and they all bring their own to the table.

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